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New to this game, I need help with a strategy.

Tout ce qui concerne AM Mobile (actuellement sur iOS, téléchargeable ici), ça se passe ici !

New to this game, I need help with a strategy.

Messagede GregNYR89 » Lun Fév 06, 2017 09:54


So, I've downloaded the game and went through the tutorial. I've bought a plane, made new routes, and also have taken out loans. Did some researches. Currently my turnaround is about 4 million with 2.5 million being after deductions. I'm left with 15.5 million dollars now and I need a strategy to make more money. I need a few tips.

Should I take out more loans and buy an LH plane with 1 new route?

Should I take out a big loan and buy several MH planes for several routes or for one route?

Should I lease planes instead off buying them?
- Wiki stated that it's better to lease for beginners rather than buying a plane. What do you guys suggest?

How to I deal with the demand for the route?
- Read wiki and figured that I need to bring remaining demand to 0.

What is a good strategy for the services and research?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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New to this game, I need help with a strategy.



Re: New to this game, I need help with a strategy.

Messagede Amarelia » Ven Fév 17, 2017 12:26


Sorry for replying so late,

So many questions you are asking, maybe you will find more answers on the chat :)

But I can tell you, LH routes at the beginning is a good idea ;)

You can mixe between buying and leasing also. You will find your own strategy at a time.
That could take time :)

Be patient and you will succeed!
Don't forget, it's just a game and not real life ;) / N'oubliez pas, ce n'est qu'un jeu et non la réalité ;)
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Re: New to this game, I need help with a strategy.

Messagede El_Matador77 » Ven Fév 17, 2017 13:52

just a peice of advise.
Try different strategies and just calculate which one is more efficient.

For example.
Should you select african hub, with high demand for economy passengers, you strategy will go one direction.
For US hub the strategy will differ from african hub.
And so on

I am new too, so I am trying :)
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Re: New to this game, I need help with a strategy.

Messagede Puls Air » Ven Fév 17, 2017 17:29


A lot of strategies are interesting and profitable. But you ‘ll have to build a coherent one, choosing rental vs purchase, eco vs tri-class, long haul vs. short haul, hub and lines…

It’s highly recommended to specialize your company : indeed if you take a look at « services » you can’t simulteanously maximize distraction (LH) and attr. of prices (SH). There are other services that are mutually exclusive.

Here are some examples of bad strategies (inconsistant ones) :
  • Full eco from a European/US hub (and/or to EU/US destinations)
  • Rental from an African hub (because you can’t reconfigure rented aircrafts to match the passenger expectations for each class)
  • Short haul from CDG or from too big airports (too many airport taxes)
  • Short haul from HNL (not enough airports available for the SH planes range, and no seaplane available in the game :D )

Regarding the loan, the answer is very simple : if the weekly benefits generated by your loan is greater than your weekly payment for this loan (because you purchased planes/lines with it and earn money), the answer is obviously yes : it generates a positive cash flow. If no, avoid it.

The key is to test a lot to understand the mechanics and a lot of audits will help you.
Good luck and have fun
Puls Air
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