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[21-26/08/2015] Quand Boeing...Tonneaux [ENG]

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[21-26/08/2015] Quand Boeing...Tonneaux [ENG]

Messagede Gerald Trybunes » Mar Aoû 25, 2015 07:59


When Boeing did Barrel Rolls

Fictitious example.

Sixty years ago, during the trials of the prototype of what would later be the Boeing 707 in 1958, the test pilot wanted to prove the plane’s good handing ability and did some barrel rolls. It was during the demonstration flight of the International Air Transport Association on August 7th in 1955. The barrel roll consist in flying upside down and coming back to normal after a few seconds. It is said that the the pilot was given a verbal official warning but he kept on being a teste pilot until 1968.

Since that day, this type of trial was strictly forbidden by Boeing, until recently, at the beginneng of the summer, when a 787-9 from Vietnam Airlines took off almost vertically.

How do you want to celebrate the anniversary ?


Choice 1/ You offer a tour focused on the history of Boeing. With the help of a specialised travel agency, you propose to visit the Boeing factory located in Seattle and the museums that show the most important Boeing planes that made history.

Effects : Boeing notices your action and the communication department offer you a 10%-discount on Seattle hubs - SEA and BFI.

Choice 2/ You don’t react. You simply don’t care about it and you have more interesting things to do than to celebrate the jests of a test pilot on an old-fashionned plane.

Effects : none.

Choice 3/ You ask one of your pilots to prove that today’s planes are as manoeuvrable than 60 years ago during a flight. The passengers will probably love it !

Effects : Most of the passengers as well as part of the onboard staff are shocked. You have negative press after the flight.
Some passengers decide to switch to other airlines for their usual flights, because they are afraid it might happen again. Your attendance level suffer a 10%-reduction until August 26.

Choice 4/ You offer anexhibition about the Boeing 707. Your communication department will deal with a splendid exhibition about the 707.

Effects : Boeing notices your exhibition and offers a 10% discount on the B707-320c, just for you.
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[21-26/08/2015] Quand Boeing...Tonneaux [ENG]



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