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[04/10-18/10/15] Focus sur un Classic [EN]

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[04/10-18/10/15] Focus sur un Classic [EN]

Messagede Gerald Trybunes » Lun Oct 05, 2015 00:45



The poll results are here!

Dear readers,

Following the survey we carried out, my marketing interns had no choice but to hassle Aerospatial -whose offices are located in cellars at Airbus Group- in order to obtain strongly reduced prices and against an editorial favor. We agreed to mention Concorde three times this month in order for you to be able to buy this legendary airplane with a 40% discount. You read that right dear readers, 40%! This special offer will be available until October 18th.

Good things come in pairs so in order to make bulk purchases easier and to allow you to give this aeronautics jewel the place it deserves, you will get to sell your aircrafts an infrastructions for 95% of their original prices.

Have a good supersonic planning,

Gérald Trybunes

Oh thank you! That is great news! I renew my subscription to La Gazette for another 10 years! : You send a big fat paycheck to the editorial board.

• You can buy Concorde with a 40 discount.
• Your airplanes and infrastructures are exceptionally taken back for 95% of their original prices.
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Envie de devenir Journaliste? Traducteur? Modérateur Support ? C'est ICI que cela se passe !
Gerald Trybunes
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[04/10-18/10/15] Focus sur un Classic [EN]



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