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[08/10-08/11/15] La Gazette - Le Concours [EN]

Les articles - The news

[08/10-08/11/15] La Gazette - Le Concours [EN]

Messagede Gerald Trybunes » Jeu Oct 08, 2015 14:32


Dear readers,

As the new Gazette begins to seems to be taking shape, it is time for us hardworking journalists, to collect your impressions.

We could have come up with a form to fill out and a few questions for you to answer. However it is well known that we do thing differently from everyone. We are going to prove it to you by with a game, with a few games actually !

Game 1 :
In order for us to know how we influence decision making in your company, describe your company's reaction to one of the articles published since August 1st. It can be with or without illustration but written in a roleplay kind of way. (minimum 300 words).

Game 2 :
Various characters from our current events have been mentioned in some of our articles. To show us that you have been paying attention, imagine a scene depicting -with or without illustration- the everyday life of the Gazette editorial board without forgetting to mention a few of these characters (minimum 300 words).

Game 3 :
It is quite difficult for us to write articles so don't even mention illustrations... Show your support anc contribute to our advertising campaign by making a reliable promotional poster.

Game 4 :
An advertising campaign can also be funny... make an off the wall promotional poster !

Increase your chances of winning by completing a supplementary task: "Draw me a Gérald". Computer assisted creations or handmade drawing that you then take a picture of to send it to us are allowed but above all, be original... Be proud of your drawing skills even if those cannot be compared to Cézanne's !

The winner of each game will be chosen via an arbitrary but fair process by the La Gazette team and volunteers of the forum administration. There is no possible recourse as we do not work in a democratic way. However to guarantee the same chances for everyone, your work will be submitted to the judges anonymously.

Playrion is a generous company and will reward each winner with a free 1 week AM+ subcription -the cherry on top ! This will be accompanied by a trophy you can proudly display on the forum! Moreover, this is priceless , you will be showcased here in an article that will be dedicated!

You have until November 8st at noon (GMT+1) to submit your work!

Click her for more information
You can find the PO Box to submit your projects here

Grab your pencils and pain cans !

The editorial board

PS : Do not worry, you will also have a survey to complete in the not too distant future .
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[08/10-08/11/15] La Gazette - Le Concours [EN]



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