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[09/10/15] La Gazette RP - Votre nouveau RDV [EN]

Les articles - The news

[09/10/15] La Gazette RP - Votre nouveau RDV [EN]

Messagede Gerald Trybunes » Ven Oct 09, 2015 17:35


La Gazette RP
Your new appointment !

Dear readers,

It is with pleasure that I am writing these few lines to introduce ourselves. Nice sentence, isn't it ? Know this, I do not own any kind of journalistic degree and Gérald Trybunes must be a little crazy - who doubted ? - to appoint me as head of this army of redactors. Hum... I already see your astonished mine by this incredible assembly.

Rest assured, our team of journalists is not intended to interfere in the Gazette so dreaded by the directors as you know it. In fact, you might even discover it, but the forum of your favorite game is full of motivated members who are giving life to their virtual airline through statements and other ads : that's what we call Role-Play. Of a breathtaking realism, or decidedly wacky, this way of playing offers a wide range of opportunities to express your creativity.

The main goal of our newsroom will be to convey this "RP" actuality to a larger audience, and maybe, who knows ?, inspire vocations. Articles, analysis, interviews : if you've always dreamed of the name of your airline being quoted here, this might come true... Only one condition, your airline must have been active on the forum !

Meanwhile the first publication, which, I hope, will permit this Gazette to become an unmissable event of the Role-Play sphere, I wish you, on behalf of the entire editorial team, always more fun on Airlines Manager !

Arthur Ragot
Redac'Chef & Supporter des devs
Envie de devenir Journaliste? Traducteur? Modérateur Support ? C'est ICI que cela se passe !
Gerald Trybunes
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[09/10/15] La Gazette RP - Votre nouveau RDV [EN]



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