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[12/11-22/11/2015] PANNE INFORMATIQUE / ORY [EN]

Les articles - The news

[12/11-22/11/2015] PANNE INFORMATIQUE / ORY [EN]

Messagede Gerald Trybunes » Ven Nov 13, 2015 17:01


Computer break down at Orly airport

What's a fog ! - Fictional event based on actuality

November the 7th, a computer break down created a big mess at Orly airport, delaying some flights of several hours. This failure was due to a weather app running on Windows 3,1, which combined with heavy fog forced tower control to refuse every move the time for a return to normal.

Many airlines, like famous « Som Nif'Air and its subsidiary Retardat'Air » claimed for damages to the airport but it preferred to use its money to upgrade its information's services. Following this refusal, these companies decided to boycott ORY airport and redirect their lines to other Paris airports. The freed slots and terminals could be used for your own aircraft !

Ludwig Zigote – Low blows Journalist.

Effect : Lets make a deal !: The law of supply and demand is raging : ORY is looking desperately for new contracts while other airports do not know which way to turn.

The hub of ORY is 4% cheaper and CDG, BVA and XCR are 4% more expensive"
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[12/11-22/11/2015] PANNE INFORMATIQUE / ORY [EN]



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