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[08/12/15] Gazette news [EN]

Les articles - The news

[08/12/15] Gazette news [EN]

Messagede Gerald Trybunes » Mer Déc 09, 2015 15:38


Gazette News

News about La Gazette and AM2

My dear and beloved readers and astounding news lovers,
May I require your attention.

Today I can’t hide my enthousiasm under my editorial writer’s mask of solemnity. Here are the latest “Gazette & AM News”. I have spent the last few days in a sunny seminar in the presence of our renowned BenJ’C, who answered our questions in an extraordinary interview.

“We are far from idle here in Playrion” (sigh)

What changes for the Gazette ?

The Gazette is now available on the mobile app. This update means that the Gazette will be reachable for a lot more people, as loads of players only log on on the mobile app. Everybody will now have the opportunity to make a selection in La Gazette in all good conscience.

Benjamin C., with a charming smile : “Now you won’t have any kind of excuse to having forgotten to answer the Gazette !”.

Please discover as well that the categorization of all articles has been improved, so that telling the difference between the articles on which you can still make a choice and the already effective ones. This awkward moment when the only way to know was to check every single article ! This improvment will be adjusted to the online version of La Gazette as soon as possible.

New Airplanes

You were waiting for it and you finally got it ! A new conversation has been opened in the forum so that you can take part in the selection of the new airplanes. Don’t hesitate to make a suggestion, it won’t be unheeded. This update is the evidence being.
Let’s welcome the Boeing 747-100b, 747-200b, 747-200F and 747-300. These legendary planes are the first of the list of new airplanes already announced, such as the A320 Neo or the B757-300 ! The editorial board has already received the statistics, and be sure it won’t be for nothing !

Get to the conversation

The tickets mystery is finally solved

You got some tickets without even knowing what they were about ? You didn’t know if they meant the opening of an on-air cinema or the setting up of a rationing system ? All the answers you were looking for are in the interview.

Read the entire interview of BenJ’C, famous singer and Big Boss of Playrion

The Gazette, it’s me, it’s you

During our last editorial meeting, we considered every single proposition you made for the next Gazettes. Some of them have already been chosen, but we are still partial to your ideas ! Any brainwave ? Please tell us !

Make a suggestion

We’ll see you very soon in your favorite magazine !

Gerald Trybunes - News Editor for La Gazette
Redac'Chef & Supporter des devs
Envie de devenir Journaliste? Traducteur? Modérateur Support ? C'est ICI que cela se passe !
Gerald Trybunes
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[08/12/15] Gazette news [EN]



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