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[24/03/2016] AM2 NEWS [EN]

Les articles - The news

[24/03/2016] AM2 NEWS [EN]

Messagede Gerald Trybunes » Ven Mar 25, 2016 12:06



New aircrafts !

Dear readers, good morning or good evening, depending.

Our special correspondent in Playrion Corp. informs us that two newcomers just made their entry in the catalog of available aircrafts!

The Boeing 757-300

Big brother of the B757-200, Category 6, which can carry 295 passengers as well as a freight tonne over 6 840km. You can unlock it in second alliance and personal R & D grade. Its release was accompanied by twenty liveries available in the Shop

The Tupolev 214-210

You do not dream ! You can now acquire this jewelry. Category 5, can carry up to 210 passengers and 4 tons of freight on 7 300km! Also unlockable in on second alliance and personal R & D grade.

And a new design of the Boeing 757-200!

No need to introduce this aircraft, however, it has been totally redesigned to apply a large number of liveries that you can find in the Shop

By the way, what if we're celebrating this good news?

Until April 7, enjoy 10% discount on the B757-300 and the TU-214-210!

Remember that a topic is dedicated to your wish list of aircrafts on your forum!

Gerald Trybunes - Occasionnal vector of good news
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[24/03/2016] AM2 NEWS [EN]



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