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[28/03/16] AM2 NEWS - There is no time for time change.

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[28/03/16] AM2 NEWS - There is no time for time change.

Messagede Gerald Trybunes » Lun Mar 28, 2016 01:39



There is no time for time change.

Live from Playrion head Quarters - 03/28 2:00am.

Dear readers, good morning or good evening, depending.

Easter weekend will be loaded onto Airlines Manager 2. A server change for greater long-term comfort that caused some delays calculations and followed by a time change that corrections provided didn’t completely solve, but this is only a postponement.

Not shrink from any sacrifice of sleep, the team raised its sleeves to immerse his hands dirty in the code and credit you missing flights!

Shortly if not already done, you will receive the following regularization dated 03/27 23:59:

:arrow: Difference between your last Sunday or Saturday 26 income (whichever is the best) and your Sunday March 27 flight credits + 10% to a maximum of $ 50M non-taxable bonus.
:arrow: Wages of March 25 and March 27, less important than expected will not be recalculated, so you retain the difference!

All Airlines Manager Team mobilizes each day for you to enjoy a more stable and faster game while welcoming the many players who join your community of enthusiasts about game management and aviation.

Happy Easter everyone !

Gerald Trybunes - Night Correspondent
Redac'Chef & Supporter des devs
Envie de devenir Journaliste? Traducteur? Modérateur Support ? C'est ICI que cela se passe !
Gerald Trybunes
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[28/03/16] AM2 NEWS - There is no time for time change.



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