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The Forum, new layout!

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The Forum, new layout!

Messagede Amarelia » Jeu Juil 27, 2017 18:00

Hello and welcome to everyone!

As you may have noticed yesterday, the forum has changed. :mrgreen:

The forum is ready to welcome you via the creation of a dedicated area for English-speaking players.

Indeed, following your request and the globalization of Airlines Manager, we have done what was necessary so that you can express yourselves on the forum!
This way, you will be able to get even more help from the community and from the Airlines Manager team ;)

So there are two discussion areas dedicated to Airlines Manager:
- [FR] Airlines Manager in French, for the French-speaking community,
- [EN] Airlines Manager in English, for you.

The forum layout has been optimized to provide a better follow-up of both game modes.

In order to optimize the follow-up of both Professional and Tycoon modes, we have changed the layout of the discussion forums.

From now on, you will find a first forum dedicated to the Professional mode and a second forum dedicated to the Tycoon mode in the sections “Help and Bugs” and “Suggestions and Comments”.

If you have a problem to report about one of the two game modes, you can post your message in the corresponding forum ;)

I have a problem to report or a question to ask about the Tycoon mode, I click “Help and Bugs”, then I go to “AM Tycoon” to report my problem or ask my question.

This way, it will be easier for you and for the Airlines Manager team to follow up and make the difference between the two game modes ;)

We hope these changes will give you full satisfaction :)

We wish all of you good flights!
Don't forget, it's just a game and not real life ;) / N'oubliez pas, ce n'est qu'un jeu et non la réalité ;)
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The Forum, new layout!



Re: The Forum, new layout!

Messagede Symie » Ven Juil 28, 2017 01:59

Thanks and Happy Flying :)
The Man that never made a mistake never made nothing!
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Re: The Forum, new layout!

Messagede yasir7731 » Mar Nov 07, 2017 15:36

nice post
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