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Professional mode switches from GMT+2 to UTC on 10/25/2017!

MessagePosté: Mar Oct 24, 2017 17:24
de thomas44
Hello everyone,

We have some important information to communicate!

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 25, 2017, the Professional mode of the game will be set to a different time zone. The servers of the Professional mode will switch from GMT+2 to UTC to solve the problem of time difference well known by Airlines Manager players. :mrgreen:

To proceed with this change, the Professional mode of the game will not be accessible from 3:00 PM to 3:15 PM (France time zone). Some fifteen minutes without access that will guarantee an enhanced comfort of management afterwards. ;)

There will be a time difference during this transition.
Due to our current time zone, flights will “turn back time” for 2 hours. If you log in at 2:59 PM then at 3:15 PM, you will see the flights of your airline as if it was 1:15 PM.

Besides, there will not be any flight revenues between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM (French hour) on this day, as these flight revenues will already be credited.
Worth knowing: despite this period of time without revenues, all the flights of the day will be calculated.

As a result, tomorrow from 3:00 PM (French hour), the schedule will be delayed for two hours.
For example: the flights scheduled at midnight will take off at 2:00 AM (French hour) in reality.

This time difference will be only 1 hour, due to daylight saving time. :)

For your information, the transition to UTC time is already implemented for more than 6 months on the servers of the Tycoon mode. Tomorrow’s change has been already tested and successfully performed. ;)

Thank you for your understanding!

We wish good flights to all of you on Airlines Manager! ;)