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Explanations about salary increase

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Explanations about salary increase

Messagede thomas44 » Ven Déc 15, 2017 15:25

Hello everyone, here is a message from Lucas, Game Designer at Playrion, who presented the IATA update yesterday evening! ;)

Explanations about the transition.

As the update implementing the transition to the new system is very heavy, it has started several days ago.

We started out by updating the salary system to adapt it to an accurate counting of employees.

The update will be released on December 20, from then on you will have access to the IATA module via which you can optimize your salaries.

Explanations about game changes

1/ The salary increase is not widespread, it depends on the number of employees that each airline will have in the new system. The more employees it has, the higher the salary will be. The number of employees directly depends on the number of aircraft, routes and hubs you have.
Only a limited number of players is affected by the salary increase, they are mainly very high ranked players. This is due to their important number of hubs, routes and aircraft.

2/ Besides, ranking’s top-tier players asked us for new challenges. With this new salary system, you can optimize your airline again, and develop new strategies.
It’s a new challenge to take up. :)

3/ If you are affected by a salary increase, here are the elements you can already act on. First it is important to get rid of the following elements:

- Not used aircraft
- Not used routes
- Not used hubs

4/ When the update is released, you will be able to significantly affect salaries, by the following means:

- Staff researches: the accumulated impact of staff researches will have an immediate effect (higher than -5% of the total salary).
- Staff hiring -from agency workers to recruits- will have an immediate positive effect (superior to -5% of the total salary.
- Hiring qualified staff in “expenses” characteristic: that will help you reduce your airline’s expenses.

5/ Cargo players who hired cargo staff can get some passenger demand back. Indeed, the old system of staff management could generate a passenger penalty. The transition removed this penalty.

We (will) remain attentive regarding the impact of the new staff management system on salaries. We have been working for more than one month on this transition, but if you detect an impact on the different strategies (cargo, short-haul, etc.) that could jeopardize their balance, don’t hesitate to report it to Lucas by private message, with as much details as possible about your observations.

It is important to us not unveiling the deep mechanics of this new update, that’s why I would urge you to communicate with Lucas only via private message. It will be simpler to contact you if he needs to ask questions about your problem.

Thank you for your attention and good flights to you all! ;)
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Explanations about salary increase



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