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[Important information] About your balance of R$ and $

MessagePosté: Ven Jan 26, 2018 13:00
de Amarelia
Hello everyone,

I would like to communicate an important information to explain the sudden changes in your balances of Research Dollars and Dollars that occurred yesterday for a major part of your airlines. :)

Indeed, most of you encountered a bug regarding the choice they made in the Gazette. This bug caused discrepancies in their research dollars and/or dollars. We sincerely apologize.

Our developers fixed the issue and corrected the discrepancies as follows:

    - If you received more research dollars than you should have received, the excess of research dollars has been removed. Additionally, if the amount you used in the meantime exceeded the amount you had before the bug occurred, your amount was set to 0 to avoid a negative balance.
    - If you received too many dollars, your balance was decreased by the value of dollars you received in excess..
    - If you lost too many dollars, your balance was increased by the value of dollars you lost.

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty to Airlines Manager!

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Good Flights! :D