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New features for AM+!

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New features for AM+!

Messagede thomas44 » Jeu Fév 14, 2019 18:16

Hello everyone,

The AM+ subscription allows many CEOs of small or large airlines to perfect their management. Soon, the AM+ will evolve to better meet your needs.

First of all, the activation of the AM+ subscription - which was already possible on the Web - will be extended to mobile in the coming days. In addition, the AM+ also includes new features available in both Professional and Tycoon game modes, and from the platform of your choice.

On the web, the evolution of AM+ is visible from now on while this change will be effective on mobile with the next update (version 2.9.3) that should be launched in the coming days.

Here are the improvements of the new AM+:

  • Automatic maintenance
Is your fleet gradually aging? You don’t want to constantly monitor it to avoid incidents? Good news: you can now automatically repair your aircraft. To do so, simply tick the relevant box(es) for the aircraft category(ies) you want to repair and use the cursor to adjust the percentage at which maintenance will automatically be performed.

  • Winnings in the Slot Cockpit are boosted
Whether it's Dollars, Research Dollars or TravelCards, your winnings will be increased by 20%. This boost is valid throughout the subscription period and can be combined with other special offers in the Slot Cockpit.

  • A free additional bonus in the Workshop (from next week)
You may think that the Workshop holds no secrets for you, but you haven’t seen everything yet! AM+ subscribers can immediately access a free gift here every month!

All current subscribers will be able to benefit from these new features.

In addition, these improvements in AM+ will be reflected in the subscription price, which will be higher in the future.
In the meantime, we would like to offer you an introductory price since the price will remain unchanged until the official launch of version 3.0 on mobile (scheduled for early April).

We hope you will enjoy these improvements and in the meantime, we wish you good flights!
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New features for AM+!



Re: New features for AM+!

Messagede hungrysir » Lun Jan 06, 2020 04:35

Is your fleet gradually aging? Yes! I think so.
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