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Update of waiting times in Professional mode

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Update of waiting times in Professional mode

Messagede thomas44 » Mer Déc 04, 2019 18:24

Hi everyone,

I'd like to share with you an in-game change in Professional mode.

Soon, AM Coins delivery speedup prices in Professional mode will be identical to those in Tycoon mode. Thus, the price will no longer be fixed but it will depend on the remaining waiting time. The shorter the remaining time, the lower the price in AM Coins.
In addition, it will also be possible to reduce the remaining time free of charge by viewing one or several advertisements. This time reduction via ads will depend on the basic waiting time of the item to be delivered as well as the game mode since time elapses at a different speed between the Professional mode and the Tycoon mode.

This system, which has already been proven in Tycoon mode, will allow you to manage the delivery list more fairly while offering more possibilities to all players.
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Update of waiting times in Professional mode



Re: Update of waiting times in Professional mode

Messagede Stephen Humphrey » Sam Déc 14, 2019 10:49

Hey thomas44
I was a bit surprised as I found out that in professional mode aircraft delivery time has increased from 3 hours to something between 6h and 12h depending on the aircraft model (I assume). Given the point that players now can reduce waiting time watching ads, this is reasonable. As there is a daily limit how many ads one may watch, I do not feel like the adjustments had made the delivery process fairer.
For the future I hope that you do not just communicate the upsides of adjustments as you did in this post but also the downsides (if there are some).
Best Regards
Stephen Humphrey
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