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Different Taxes

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Different Taxes

Messagede Jibchmarl » Ven Mai 11, 2018 16:07

I have multiple different planes flying the same route. The Q-400 is getting charged $10,345 in taxes. The CRJ-1000 is getting charged $26,134. Can you explain to me why different airplanes get charged different amounts and how to know before you buy a plane?

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Different Taxes



Re: Different Taxes

Messagede Puls Air » Ven Mai 11, 2018 16:37

For category 1 aircraft you will be charge your route taxe
For category 2+ aircraft you will be charged : Route taxe * (aircraft category) /2

Q400 is category 2, CRJ-1000 is category 5
5/2=2,5 --> that's why your tax on CRJ-1000 is 2,5 more expensive
Puls Air
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