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End of Season on Tycoon

All about bug reports of the Professional mode (formerly AM2)

End of Season on Tycoon

Messagede PeteG » Mar Mai 15, 2018 16:10

The end of the season is almost here, I am starting this post to speculate how the end will be, wishful thinking, or rumors so we can be prepared for the end of the world or have some fun while we are still alive :lol:
A few questions:
-Do we know the exact date of the ending?
-What will happen to our AM coins and Travel Cards?
-Prizes for top or active players?
-Will the new season be identical or will it have many new improvements?

Share what you know :shock: , or simply guess :twisted: ...
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End of Season on Tycoon



Re: End of Season on Tycoon

Messagede thomas44 » Jeu Mai 17, 2018 11:24

Hi there,

Answers will come soon, stay tuned. ;)
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