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Staff R&D

MessagePosté: Jeu Aoû 09, 2018 18:00
de magic_mike931
With the Staff #5 research called Senior Managers: What effect does Bonus Given +5% have? Is this just +5% of the bonus on what managers get. Or is it +5% bonus given for all employees?

Re: Staff R&D

MessagePosté: Ven Aoû 10, 2018 11:03
de thomas44
Hi there,

It's a bonus given for all employees. ;)

Re: Staff R&D

MessagePosté: Mar Aoû 14, 2018 08:06
de magic_mike931
Well I just bought this R&D and the bonus was only given to managers. Can you look into this and get it to work for all employees then. If not can you undo the R&D? Given that I only bought it because you said the bonus will be on all employees.