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loans exlpanations

MessagePosté: Sam Sep 29, 2018 17:41
de dim05
I don't understand the debt issues on the game.
I went to loan details and noticed that I had taken six loans from the bank which is somewaht verified as per I counted 6 withdraws for loan payments.
Additionally I noticed that I had taken three financial market loans which I don;t understand when I'm going to pay them.
If you try to take a financial market loan then in estimations, it appears that there is a weekly payment.
Then I tried to locate these paymens/transactions by checking last weeks transactions in cash account tab.

So is it something that I miss here? The payments for financial markets are nowhere recorded.
Unless I have to pay the whole amount including any charges on due date and so in this case this some kind of a bond issue, not a loan (wrongly named in the game).

So the financial markets loan, is it more like a bond? And in this case what this "weekly payment" that we see, when we make an estimation for new financial markets loan?

Re: loans exlpanations

MessagePosté: Lun Oct 01, 2018 11:48
de thomas44
Hello dim05,

Your loans are recorded in the bank where you took them out ((Administration) / Finances > Banks > choose the bank where you took the loan out > Loan details).

Additionally, you can learn more about how to repay your loans on financial markets here: ... 7/?lang=en

Re: loans exlpanations

MessagePosté: Lun Oct 15, 2018 18:38
de dim05
How do I repay financial loan on markets?
Today it's 15/10, the loan was supposed to be due at 14/10, the money were there available as cash, but I still own the money.
Any opinions?

Re: loans exlpanations

MessagePosté: Jeu Oct 18, 2018 09:20
de Zarine
Hi dim05,

I raised the same question and was told that the lower part is the history of your financial loans but not the actual status.
All loans that you take (express or financial) are in the top part, where the repay button is.

If someone from Playrion read this, it could be an idea to simply change the text to be more clear :
List of [bank name]'s active loans
Financial markets loan history

Re: loans exlpanations

MessagePosté: Jeu Oct 18, 2018 09:40
de thomas44
Hi all,

As Zarine said, the loans in the lower part are those that have been repaid. Therefore, you can only repay loans in the upper part, which can be either express loans or loans on financial markets. :)

We took note of this confusion and we'll try to make something clearer in the next updates. ;)

Re: loans exlpanations

MessagePosté: Jeu Oct 10, 2019 12:20
de Docklander
How do I repay or partly repay a Loan on Financial Market please?

My account shows three of these loans, with due dates in early 2020, but I want to repay them earlier, is this possible? If so how/where do I do it please as I cannot find any repayment option?
thanks :)