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Three errors in Mobile App 2.9.23 Android

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Three errors in Mobile App 2.9.23 Android

Messagede Air Tabarnia » Dim Nov 25, 2018 16:03

Hi Playrion Team,

I'm running Mobile app 2.9.23 in Android 7.1.1

In the last version appeared three errors when extending lease agreement. It worked nice in earlier versions.

1- When pressing +2 Week button to extend the leasing period, It only adds one week


2- The +2 weeks extend button only works once until reload

You could press it as many times as you want. It will not work the second time or further... until you close the window and open it again.

3- The button is grayed out if last more than 41 days of lease contract

It doesn't allow to extend until the 56 days (8 weeks) as did in the past. It can be done by hand in the App inside properties of each plane.


Best regards
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Air Tabarnia
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Three errors in Mobile App 2.9.23 Android



Re: Three errors in Mobile App 2.9.23 Android

Messagede thomas44 » Lun Nov 26, 2018 13:01

Hi Air Tabarnia,

Thank you for your feedback, the bugs have been reported.

Our QA tester thanks you as well. ;)
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