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Question regarding route details

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Question regarding route details

Messagede Gerhard Schroeder » Mer Mai 01, 2019 08:51

Good morning,

i have a short question:

If i check my route details, i can find my "financial summary over days" for the selected route. The timeframe is starting with d-6 and ending with today.

Is the regarded timeframe based on the last 168 hours or 6 complete days and the remaining rest of today?

This is quite important as i would like to compare my routes to each other and i need a whole 168hrs-timeframe for that.

Thanks for your help and answers!

Kind regards

Gerhard Schroeder
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Inscription: Dim Fév 10, 2019 09:29
Nom de compagnie: Bee-Eater Airlines
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Question regarding route details



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