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Not receiving money

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Not receiving money

Messagede Daanjandan » Dim Mai 19, 2019 19:59


So every time I am logging into the game you get like the menu with how much money you earn and how much flights you have done.

This evening it was saying I earned 512k now nice of course only I don't get the money on my account.
Is there a way to fix this problem?
Because I am not making any money anymore.

Thank you
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Not receiving money



Re: Not receiving money

Messagede thomas44 » Lun Mai 20, 2019 10:40

Hi Daanjandan,

Could give me more details about that such as:
- Doesn't the amount update in the upper bar?
- Did you check your Account Book / Cash flow and realized that the earned amount hasn't been added up to the rest?
- Also, has it updated since your message?
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