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Aircraft Equipment

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Aircraft Equipment

Messagede Stephen Humphrey » Mer Juin 05, 2019 16:40

Hey guys
I got a little confused reading the agenda. There is one point called „aircraft equipment“ and I’m unable to spend 33,500,000$ on it because it says it wasn’t implemented.
What’s the deal about it? Was this feature implemented but got removed or is it up and coming in a future update?
Best regards
Stephen Humphrey
Messages: 22
Inscription: Dim Mai 20, 2018 18:26
Nom de compagnie: Flighty McPlaneface
ID Compagnie AM2: 0

Aircraft Equipment



Re: Aircraft Equipment

Messagede yohann airlines » Mer Juin 05, 2019 20:38

Yeah it hasn't been implemented yet and probably never will.

Playrion likes to think that the unfinishable agenda prevent achievement collectors from giving up. Or so I heard...

Not to mention we already told them they think it wrong.
yohann airlines
Messages: 112
Inscription: Mer Mai 23, 2018 12:09
Nom de compagnie: Air Peanut
ID Compagnie AM2: 129270

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