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Tycoon mode & Gazette info

All about bug reports of the Tycoon mode

Tycoon mode & Gazette info

Messagede cbschweiz » Dim Fév 10, 2019 12:17

With Tycoon mode, the Gazette menu entry is disabled (web interface).

Anyway I discovered by chance a couple of days ago (human time), while opening a new route, that China new routes were significantly discounted due the "Gazette effect".
Is this the intended behaviour?
Is there a way for a Tycoon player to know what's coming up with the Gazette announcements?
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Tycoon mode & Gazette info



Re: Tycoon mode & Gazette info

Messagede thomas44 » Lun Fév 11, 2019 12:13

Hi cbschweiz,

Indeed the Gazette is not available in Tycoon mode, but discounts based on event such as New Chinese Year apply to both modes. The process used to create discounts is similar to the gazette's one, and we haven't added a different text so far. Thus, you can still see written "Gazette effect" in Tycoon mode, although there's no gazette involved.

Currently, it's not possible to view again discount announcements, but we intend to change that in the version 3.0. We apologize for the confusion in the meantime.
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