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Wrong Airport location - Beni Airport

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Wrong Airport location - Beni Airport

Messagede alekru » Sam Avr 27, 2019 19:12

It seems like a typing error has happened during the airport-database creation:

Beni Airport DR Kongo (BNC) is located at 0,5770314°N and 29,469799°E.
However in the game the comma seems to have been misplaced resulting in: 5,770314°N and 29,469799°E
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Wrong Airport location - Beni Airport



Re: Wrong Airport location - Beni Airport

Messagede thomas44 » Jeu Mai 02, 2019 11:41

Hi alekru,

You are right, there's a mistake with this airport.

I took note of it but as many players have created routes to this airport, I don't think it can be changed any time soon. :(
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