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Missing Coins

MessagePosté: Ven Juin 28, 2019 00:13
de Stingray74
I apologise if this is not the forum for this but I am not sure where else to go. :oops:

I accidentally purchased coins when flipping through AM and checking out some products. I could not cancel the transaction via the Apple App Store. Then the payment did not go through as the account linked to my Apple account was at a $0 (for security reasons).

I then had to wait 4 days to put cash across the account to complete the transaction (Yesterday, 27/6/2019) but I am still not in receipt of my coins. :shock:

May i please have some assistance in obtaining my purchase?

And I again apologise if this is not the Forum for such issues.



Re: Missing Coins

MessagePosté: Dim Juin 30, 2019 12:59
de Stingray74
So I guess it is OK to take my money and not give me the product that I paid for.

Poor attitude to have I guess.

It is only the fact that your game is quite enjoyable that I decided to spend money in the first place.

But I feel if there is no product after purchase, I may need to complain.

Can someone please respond in the next seven days before I take this further.


Re: Missing Coins

MessagePosté: Lun Juil 01, 2019 13:45
de thomas44
Hello Stingray74,

I am sorry for my late reply, here is the email address of our Customer Support team who is in charge of solving these issues:

Please attach a screenshot of the bill in the email, and feel free to tell me when it is sent. I'll inform my colleagues to have a look at your issue in priority.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Re: Missing Coins

MessagePosté: Lun Juil 01, 2019 23:53
de Stingray74

Thank you for your reply. I was a little concerned that I may have not had the opportunity to follow this up.

I have now sent my email and proof of purchase to the email provided.

I trust that this will assist you in your investigation.



Re: Missing Coins

MessagePosté: Mar Juil 02, 2019 16:32
de Bondino1109
Hey Guys,
I just have one Question. Is their any Possibility to sell some Planes at once ( mobile Version)
Trank you for every answer