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Cola bonus disappeared ahead of time

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Cola bonus disappeared ahead of time

Messagede Nikiton » Lun Juil 22, 2019 10:26

I purchased Cola boost for 4 days, but it worked only once and then disappeared after 4-5 hours. That happened in the middle of (and I suggest because of) today's payments delay.
Also, R$ are not being added at all since yesterday (5-7 in-game days).
The problem is both on web (Chrome, Windows 10) and mobile (iPhone 6S, iOs 12.3.1) versions. I refreshed the cache, tried IE browser, another computer with Windows 7, logged out, but nothing helped. For mobile version I closed the app from task manager, logged out, tried different internet connections (4G and two different Wi-Fi) but that did not help too.
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Inscription: Lun Juil 22, 2019 08:46
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Cola bonus disappeared ahead of time



Re: Cola bonus disappeared ahead of time

Messagede thomas44 » Lun Juil 22, 2019 14:41

Hi Nikiton,

Some calculations on Tycoon mode have been delayed and it may take some time before you can see these data updated. This is a problem on our side, our developers are working on it.

About your bonus problem, could you send an email to and indicate your airline ID as well as the date and time at which you activated the bonus? Our Customer Support team will look into your account and help you to find out what happened.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
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