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Airline is lost/reset

All about bug reports of the Tycoon mode

Airline is lost/reset

Messagede Marius_Weindler » Jeu Juil 25, 2019 21:21

Dear Support

I already described my problem in an other thread but I think this is a better place to post my problem.
Since this noon every time when I start the app (iOS) it wants me to create a new airline and I don’t know why. I want my old airline back.
Airline name: Himmel Stürmer or Himmel-Stürmer (not 100% sure which one)
Thank you in advance :)

My email address is
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Airline is lost/reset



Re: Airline is lost/reset

Messagede thomas44 » Ven Juil 26, 2019 13:24

Hi Marius_Weindler,

Please send an email to so we can help you with this issue asap.
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