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Alliance Reduction on AC purchase.

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Alliance Reduction on AC purchase.

Messagede EpicTJ62 » Ven Nov 02, 2018 16:27

Hi all, I think it would be brilliant if the alliance could by planes out right 100% with its money. I have an alliance with 5 airlines in, and 2 airlines are doing really well, but the other 3 could do with some cheap AC to boost turnover. I see the feature seems to be coming soon, I really think it would be cool.
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Alliance Reduction on AC purchase.



Re: Alliance Reduction on AC purchase.

Messagede thomas44 » Lun Nov 05, 2018 11:48

Hi there,

The thread has been moved to the English section.

Thank you for your suggestion, I'll forward your idea to the team. ;)
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