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The law of supply and demand

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The law of supply and demand

Messagede 1 more time » Jeu Fév 13, 2020 13:11

Hi there.
Here's a question for someone with more knowledge than me.
I have a long distance route made with a single plane and a single daily frequency. The rate applied is that recommended by the audit.The point is that the route has more demand than offer seats in each and every seat class. I have decided to raise the price of the rates above the one recommended by the audit. Obviously the demand for tickets has dropped, but it is still higher than the supply of seats. I do not understand that the collection for issuing tickets is lower than the previous rate (audit rate), although the restaurant demand has dropped, the plane continues the route without empty seats. Something fails

Any Idea or im doing something wrong or it's a bug?

TY all
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The law of supply and demand



Re: The law of supply and demand

Messagede fsintegral » Jeu Fév 13, 2020 21:04


Don't worry, you're doing it right. Don't have it the hard way either, the game model is'nt that realistic. Actually, your company is only issuing secured tickets sales, that way, you won't have unused tickets. It's even simplier than that : not only you'll have the very same number of people wanting to fly with your airline every 24 hours (reset at midnight UTC, and that unless you change the prices), but, the decrease in people depending on each dollar you add on your price is constant til noone want to pay that much for a seat on this flight.

That means all you have to do is simple math to get the right price where demand equals offer. You have high prices (without any impact on your overall company image/reputation, that's not a feature of the game) but not a single empty seat on every flights. That said :
a) it may be better to have more flights (more aircraft/seats to offer) on a given route because you'll have to pay more and more to open new routes
b) the way the game is designed today may change in the future. Don't take what I said as imutable, I'm not among the designers.

It's not a bug, it's not realistic, but that's just the way it is :)
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