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Hi guys! Noob here and some question

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Hi guys! Noob here and some question

Messagede Vandy » Ven Juil 20, 2018 09:04

Hi everyone, I just started playing this a couple days ago.
Tbh, I used to play at other sites that similar like this and I just started playing this because its on phone.

So, I have a question.
1. Can we increase the remaining demand?
2. What happen if the demand is depleted to 0?
3. When should be the time to repair the plane?
4. Can we buy used airplane?

Well, I think that's all for now. I still don't quite understand the mechanics about what I asked above.
And by the way, thanks!
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Hi guys! Noob here and some question



Re: Hi guys! Noob here and some question

Messagede Kishlin » Ven Juil 20, 2018 10:00

Vandy a écrit:1. Can we increase the remaining demand?

Your remaining demand is equal to the demand on your route minus your offer, aka how many seats are available any given day on the route.

The demand depends on the route (the higher the airports' passengers a year, the higher the demand) and your airline's stats. I'm talking about distraction, prices attractiveness, punctuality, and security. They affect respectively demand on long haul flights, demand on short haul flights, Eco and Business demand, First and Business demand. There is also a stat for cargo demand. Your statistics depend on your services, staff positions, and bonuses from achievements and researches.

You add offer by adding plane to your route. You remove offer by removing planes.

Vandy a écrit:2. What happen if the demand is depleted to 0?

If you're talking about the route's demand. 0 means no one wants to fly the route, no matter the price.

As for remaining demand, having it to 0 means every seats in your planes are taken and no other passengers want to fly the route. A positive remaining demand means your aircrafts are full but some people still want to fly your route and can't have available seats. A negative one means some of your planes fly with empty seats because not enough people want to fly the route.

Vandy a écrit:3. When should be the time to repair the plane?

The higher the plane's wear, the more you pay any incident. But you can't have incidents when the plane is below 10% wear (or 12, 15, 20 if you did the research for it). One option is to repair your planes just before it reaches 10% (or more respectively) so you never have incidents. Another option is to realise that incidents might, at first, cost less money than repairing your plane. Which would mean that it would be more money-efficient to wait a little bit more before doing checks. The maths are up to you.

Vandy a écrit:4. Can we buy used airplane?

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Re: Hi guys! Noob here and some question

Messagede smiller » Ven Juil 20, 2018 14:58

As for repairs, use Bob on the game app every day or two. Keep hitting the "play for free", or whatever it says, go through the short ad after each time and continue that a until it tells you that all planes are repaired. I have been able to keep my wear rate at 0 with a minimum amount of effort.
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Messagede Rosemariealsh » Lun Fév 22, 2021 11:08

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Re: Hi guys! Noob here and some question

Messagede DimaGordon » Ven Fév 26, 2021 11:50

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