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What do you think about my logo?

MessagePosté: Mar Mar 27, 2018 15:57
de AurionTargaryen

Re: What do you think about my logo?

MessagePosté: Mer Mai 08, 2019 06:19
de methelma
Votre logo est très beau et très impressionnant.

Re: What do you think about my logo?

MessagePosté: Lun Mai 27, 2019 05:23
de kellykevin
I am so happy to become member of this forum board. I am really enjoying each and every seconds I spend here. I was in search of writing related forum. But by mistake I ended up here. When I saw this site for first time I thought it is waste to be here. After that I have checked some of the posts you have discussed here. Most of them are really worth reading. It is very much interesting to be here. Now I can say that I have spent my time with some helpful site.

Yes, I have checked the logo link you have shared here. I can give you 4.5 stars rating for this logo. It is suitable for your name as purple airlines. Color combination of white and purple really goes well together. I think you can do more modification with this logo. It looks attracting but in some angles it looks very simple. For the name the logo matches the best. Thank you for asking suggestion from the externals. With the help of others suggestions you can improve your logo better. I have checked my airways logos. By comparing with others site your logo looks litter differ. Nice color you chosen for the logo.

May logos I have seen are with symbols at the top. And the names are at down side of the symbol. Yours is with together. I did not find a logo with purple and white. I think this is good. Try to change the text style and font. It will give more attraction for the logo. This is just my opinion. If you are interested then make those changes for your logo. Otherwise it is better to continue with the same. I know I am too late to be here. If you have already used this logo then ignore it.