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planes getting old

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planes getting old

Messagede dim05 » Sam Juin 30, 2018 15:10


as I notice that some of my planes are getting old and are near to 5 years old, I wonder what happens after 5 years of operation.
Eg are they stop flying?
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planes getting old



Re: planes getting old

Messagede Kishlin » Lun Juil 02, 2018 09:11

No, they don't. They stop at 5/5 of age and keep flying as such. Although, the older they are, the quicker they wear out. Which means more A checks.

Note that as wear reaches 80%, planes starts have dramatic incidents that might cause them to stop flying. When they reach 100%, they cannot fly at all until you A check them to reset the wear to 0%.
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Re: planes getting old

Messagede albertopodrico » Mar Juil 24, 2018 10:24

that's why they have to upgrade everyday
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Re: planes getting old

Messagede maria02 » Ven Sep 28, 2018 06:39

That's quite interesting thread.
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Re: planes getting old

Messagede Air_Americas_1707456 » Mer Oct 03, 2018 23:05

maria02 a écrit:That's quite interesting thread.

That’s an understatement.

How are your planes 5 years old? This game is rather new.

You don’t have to repair them everyday.

The planes will eventually stop flying because they’re broken, after you’ve been charged out the rear for fixing breakdowns.
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