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It's Finally Here! : B787-10

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It's Finally Here! : B787-10

Messagede neox97 » Ven Juil 06, 2018 03:17

Hi everyone,

our long awaited 787-10 has just been released at long last, and I figured some of you might want to have a glance at what it's like.

So here it is:


It seems quite decent, with fuel consumption being only 2.07L. Also it's nice to have a bigger variant that has shorter required rwy length then its smaller sibling, but guess I'll just take that as a compensation for the delay :D
Range wise, I think it realistically introduces the idea of effective range. But idk, since other aircraft's ranges have been ruled around their maximum range, rather than effective range.

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It's Finally Here! : B787-10



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