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Airline Manager strategy discussion in English

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Re: Airline Manager strategy discussion in English

Messagede Air_Americas_1707456 » Ven Nov 30, 2018 10:35

Stephen Humphrey a écrit:Hey guys, I kinda face the same issue! I did some very long calculations hoping to find that business or first class throw off more money than economy seats would yield over the same space equivalent. I was disappointed with my results and found that the cargo factor was missing from my calculations. After improving my calculations, I still got the result that cargo wouldn´t help to cover the loss in earnings which results from a potential more premium cabin product. All of that was interesting but did not quite suggest to get rid of economy only configurations on my aircraft. The tax bonus which comes from cargo is still mysterious to me. Yet I´ll adapt in close future: I already perform researches on the cargo improvements which cost me passengers and implement those. At the same time, one category of the ground services under staff gives me back the passenger demand I lose to the cargo improvements. I will later buy real cargo planes to put on my current routes additionally once I have served all thepassenger demand. At this time, my focus still is on passenger transportation. I fly probably 200 tons of cargo every day and I only get a tax relief of 800,000$. It would just not be worth focusing on increasing the tax reliefs just yet.
Currently I discuss the issue of further development. My hub is DXB and I operate a fleet of six748is (2 owned, 4 leased), five A388s (all owned), two A351s (owned) and around five minor aircraft which I already have owned prior to my restructuration. My 747s and A380s only fly the same route once in a week. I built schedules which add up perfectly to 168 hours which I then timeshifted for the other aircrafts. The 747s and A351s fly on the same routes. I will however take the A351s off of these routes as soon as I find a way to schedule them on other routes. The routes they serve are (ultra) long haul routes (e.g. DXB - LPB back an forth 33 hours). I found this more helpful. Buying fewer but longer routes was a lot cheaper for me. The A380s serve all the routes I already had established previously, a lot of my destinations are in Europe and some in China. On short term view, my expansion strategy is to buy the missing two A388s so that all destinations are served at least daily. Then, the leased B748is are going to be replaced by purchased ones. Maybe I find a way to put exactly one A351 and one B748i on my routes for every day - in this case, I am set to buy some five more A351s. An alterntive would be the A359 because most of the dreamliners do not have enough range. I am not yet sure.
The new Hub is the most critical point to my expansion plans. Keflavik is interesting because many flights could be operated with a stopover there. Unfortunately this is not implemented in the game but for realism purposes I would like to operate from this airport. One bonus is that it is cheaper than ATL or DFW or FRA, MUC and so on, on the other hand side KEF does not have that much demand. My hope is that the new Istanbul airport will be implemented soon and have big demand - there may be a special discount on it for which I hope. No matter where the new hub will be, it shall be the operational base for seven more A388s on a weekly schedule. Since I am generally poor, I will use ultra long haul routes because I do not have to purchase as many of them. Can you recommend any hub? I even consider AUH and DOH because I like that you almost can fly to any destination in the world from the arabian peninsula. Does it make sense to pay the extra 400,000,000$ for a better hub when I get more demand out of it? Haven´t really made any Experience with it yet...

I don't use any routes above 24 hours. I've since sold half of my routes and replaced with different near-24 hour routes. If you use the secondary airports for the main city (LGA for JFK, MDW for ORD, OAK for SFO, etf) the cost of the HUB drops because the airports costs go down significantly. The passenger amount will also be significantly less. It might work for low budget airlines.
As for HUBS, I'm looking for ones with the most 24 hours routes. SFO gives all of Europe within 24 hours, CPT/JHN, GRU/GIG and BKK as well. FRA/CDG/LGW are good options with plenty of 24 hours flights in Asia and west coast USA.

I've since went from 14,500 to 10,000 ranking, up to 176M daily and 101M SP, 0 debt, and am starting to pre-purchase routes for the next wave of planes I'm going to buy. I'm going to pre-purchase about 10 routes and get them ready for planes then save up a 2-3B and max all loans out (5B) and get a nice discount on 20 or so 380's and a new HUB. Hopefully while I'm doing this there comes some nice discounts on some preferable HUBs.
I buy the route and adjust the economy price until the amount of passengers is 1706 (853 eco seats x2). Only one of my routes has enough px demand for 2 full 380's.

As for the Alliance, I joined one above but they did not like that my airline mentioned the country Palestine so I was cold shouldered unless I would change the name. Today someone else approved my request and the first thing someone said to me was change my airline name. :evil: I'm still not understanding the benefit of the Alliance. I'm not giving up though, simply because I haven't had someone take the time to explain the basics yet.

As for cargo, I'm going to wait a little longer to adjust to that. I'm thinking I will slowly add to Cargo until there is enough to justify each route having it's own cargo plane without having my px demand go into the red. Right now I have about 40 tons on each route on average.

QUESTION: If you purchase the +3.xx token from the market that boosts your R&D - how long does it last? 24 hours? 2,3,4 days?
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Re: Airline Manager strategy discussion in English



Re: Airline Manager strategy discussion in English

Messagede numbermaniac » Lun Déc 24, 2018 06:57

Air_Americas_1707456 a écrit:QUESTION: If you purchase the +3.xx token from the market that boosts your R&D - how long does it last? 24 hours? 2,3,4 days?

If you're on the web, hovering over the offer will tell you how long it lasts for. Right now there's an offer that increases R&D rate by +3.60, and if you hover over it, the popup says "for 3 days".
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