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AM2 Decision support scripts (Python)

MessagePosté: Dim Fév 03, 2019 20:57
de bendou
Hello everyone,

I'm new to Airlines-Manager and therefore to this forum so before announcing anything let my introduce myself. My name is Sami I'm a french engineering student and I'm interested both in management and airplanes (the last one bring me here). I started my first airline in AM a long time ago (~10 years) and kept a great memory of the game so I started a new airline 1 month ago.

I enjoyed so much playing again but I found that It was difficult to make perfectly rational decisions while purchasing new lines to open and/or new planes to purchase (Is a F100 a better choice than a Q400 for this line?). I also found that accounting can sometimes be more visual (more graphs) and forward predictions perhaps more elaborated.

I wanted to automate theses parts of airline management in order to focus on strategy and be more reassured when I decide something in the game. So I wrote some python code to plot and print analyzed data about my airline. The project is available and documented on GitHub so you can use it for you own purposes.

You can get theses kind of plots :
Image Image

Yet the script is helpful mostly for single hub airlines that adopted a flat schedule for the majority of their planes (ie. same destination for each flight over the week). Since it's not a full time project and I started recently, I may release new features step by step. I open this topic to keep you inform of project's progress and to have some feedback about if you found it useful and eventual improvement, bugs...

Have a good evening,



Re: AM2 Decision support scripts (Python)

MessagePosté: Lun Fév 11, 2019 21:48
de bendou
Hello everyone,

today great day for the project :D . I finished implementing the final structure I designed for the project and it brings new features:
- Planning system
- Planning based optimization instead of old system. Now you can specify a fleet and a planning and evaluate the performance.
- New plotting features and simplified API
- Allows to save images
- Bug fix

I also added a lot of documentation. I changed many things on Getting Started tutorial and Install procedure so it gets simpler and you can use the framework at it's maximum potential without a knowing a lot about Python.

I hope you will enjoy, I want to implement new features but I dont really now what other players may want. Tell me if you have any ideas.

Good evening!