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[Other Costs] Please provide your flight data to help us all

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[Other Costs] Please provide your flight data to help us all

Messagede flyingrooster2019 » Mar Juil 30, 2019 15:00

Hi all - I am very close to understanding the calculation of [Other Cost] and [Ancillary Revenue]. Currently I am able to predict the amount of these items within a 5-10% margin. This helps me to calculate which planes to buy on a given route in order to maximize profit. My airline is still small and to finalise the analysis I hope that you can provide me with your [Financial Flight Details] for a number of routes. In exchange I will send you my draft model (available now) and the updated model once I have analyses your data.

If you are interested to help, please send me a message or reply to this message and I will get into contact with you to send you the excel. Once you have the Excel sheet, all you need to do is Copy-Paste data from your browser, I will do the rest. No need to manually type in data.

See below the steps you need to go through. The excel sheet includes a guide to explain which data to include (with screenshots for each step)

Step 1 Log-in on Airlines Manager using your web browser. Ideally use Chrome

Step 2 Go to [Route Accounting]
Step 2.1 Go to [General Accounting]
Step 2.2 From there, you can go to [Route Accounting]

Step 3 Open the flight details for each Route you wish to share
Step 3.1 Click on the Yellow/Black strips so that the flights on the route are shown below the table
Step 3.2 Leave this page open and open the [Flight Details]

Step 4 Copy paste the entire web page
Step 4.1 When the [Flight Details page has loaded, click at a random spot on the page (not being a link) and then press CTRL+C to copy all the content to the clipboard
Step 4.2 Go to Excel and go to the [Data] tab. Select of one the cells with a Yellow border
Step 4.3 Press CTRL+V to paste the content. Once pasted it will look something like this. Don't worry about the lay-out. I know how to extract the right data. Repeat Step 4 for various flights to fill the [Data] sheet and send it back
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[Other Costs] Please provide your flight data to help us all



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