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Suspect Employee count is wrong.

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Suspect Employee count is wrong.

Messagede VB_Skies » Sam Aoû 04, 2018 02:37

I made a bold move and sold a hub while using an apple tablet. At the conclusion of the sale a pop up screen asked what i wanted to do with the 7000+ Employees that were no longer needed. Because I planned to reinvest the funds from the sale of the hub and all the associated routes I choose the option of "later". Twelve hours later i logged into the game via a windows desktop. The staff tab / hiring process showed i now had 7000+ Agency workers on the job. I expected a message that said I had 7000+ to many employees. I sold one hub and approximately 26 routes and had to add more employees. That does not seam correct.

Secondly I had some extra planes from the sale as well. I notice that if i sell the plane using the windows desktop the sale of a plane does not reduce the number of employees. But if i sell a plane using the apple tablet it does give me an opportunity to retire staff.

At this time i think that of the count of total jobs (96,881) is likely wrong. I am likely to have only 84,000 plus or minus a couple hundred.

How can i verify the correct number of jobs and correct the count?
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Suspect Employee count is wrong.



Re: Suspect Employee count is wrong.

Messagede Hibiscus » Lun Aoû 13, 2018 20:08

This bug was reported at the beginnigs of the staff implementation but nothing was done to fix it...

Best regards
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